Thursday, May 3, 2012

Compounded Scopace (Scopolamine)

Scopace availability

Scopace 0.4mg tablets is no longer being manufactured however for all you divers and fisherman the ingredient scopolamine is available as a patch (transdermal scope) or as a compounded capsule or gel .

Steven's Pharmacy in Costa Mesa, Ca is a compounding pharmacy that is able to custom compound Scopolamine according to a physicians prescription in capsule or other form and have the prescription shipped to your home or office .

Their telephone number is 800-352-3784 and email

Monday, December 8, 2008


PFG is a compounded anesthetic dental gel that provides pulpal anesthesia. The gel contains prilocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine (10%/10%/4%) in a loose running mint flavored green gel. We compound the gel in 30g or 45g quantities. The gel should be applied for no longer than 3 minutes to prevent possibility of sloughing- leave on the site for about 2 &1/2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. We also compound PF Light which is half the strength and provides good anesthesia for deep cleanings and other work the dental hygienist might do but has less risk of sloughing.

30g tube - $89.95 mint tube
45g tube - $119.95 mint tube
$5.00 charge to change flavor to Tutti Fruity, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Cherry, Marshmallow

PF Lite
30g tube - $84.95 mint tube
45g tube - $114.95 mint tube
$5.00 charge to change flavor to Tutti Fruity, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Cherry, Marshmallow

Shipping for CA - $8.95
Out of California shipping - $12.95

We ship nationwide via UPS or FedEx

Effective December 8, 2008

Steven's pharmacy has been compounding anesthetic dental gel to the Dental Community for a number of years now. We take pride in compounding quality anesthetic gels that are cost effective. As of December 1st, due to supplier price increases, we are adjusting our PFG Compound Gel price as follows.


30gram = $89.95 120 1/4gram applications (67 cents per application)

45gram = $119.95 180 1/4gram applications (61 cents per application)


30gram = $84.95 120 1/4gram applications ( 62 cents per application)

45gram = $114.95 180 1/4gram applications (58 cents per application)

There will be the new PFG Order form soon, we apologize for the inconvenience,


At Steven's Pharmacy, we compound everything you desire. We will make orders especially for you, even if it's uncommon or hard to find, we will compound it for you! We have over 20 years of compounding experience ready at your disposal and will be delighted to be at your service.
DYC is a brand of dental anesthetics that is no longer available. Dental anesthetics are used in the mouth to relieve pain or irritation caused by many conditions. Examples include toothache, teething, and sores in or around the mouth, such as cold sores, canker sores, and fever blisters. It is also very effective for hygienist cleans and highly recommended for all dentists.
Directions: Patient should rinse with about 45ML to provide decreased sensitivity for the entire mouth.

DYC .5% - Lemon / Mint
480 ML - $99.95
960 ML regular - $174.95

DYC DS (double strength) 1% Lemon / Mint
480 ML - $109.95
960 ML DS - $184.95

Remember, DYC does not ship with ice but Doctors must refrigerate upon receiving them.

President Charles T. Bonner

Steven's Pharmacy
1525 Mesa Verde Dr. East
Costa mesa, CA 92626
Phone (714) 540-8911
Fax (714) 242 - 6975

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fish Oil Can Help Reduce Deaths From Heart Disease

An agency of the National Institues of Health has published a report stating that fish oil can help reduce deaths from heart disease. In fact, the FDA itself says supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may actually reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The latest government report cites the triglyceride-lowering effects of fish oil on reducing heart and blood vessel disorders. Another beneficial mechanism of fish oil is to protect healthy blood flow in arteries.
Enchanced Benefits of Fish Oil
help guard against lipid acid), the precursor to According to research, sesame lignans and olive fruit extract may significantly enhance the benefits of fish oil. The combination of fish oil and seasame improves mitochondrial energy output, helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels, and burns blood fats. Plus, sesame lignansperoxidation and protect against degradation of EPA and DHA in the body. Sesame lignans also increase levels of the beneficial DGLA (di-homo gamma linolenicprostaglandin D1. This prostaglandin has numerous health benefits including suppression of inflammatory events. Olive Fruit contains some of the most potent antioxidants. What's more, when polyphenol-rich olive oil is added to fish oil, a synergistic inflammatory reducing effect occurs. Most imporessive was a study showing that polyphenol-rich olive oil decreased LDL oxidation and increased beneficial HDL. Life Extension has identified a proprietary olive fruit extract complex. Just 100 mg of the cutting-edge Polyphen-Oil complex provides the amount of polyphenols equivalent to absorbing two ounces of virgin olive oil.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

PF Lite Applications

Dr Mike Ditolla DDS writes :

" I now use the PF Lite exclusively for pre-injection numbing. It is plenty strong to numb tissue prior to a needle puncture. For everything else I use the regular PFG. For example, I use PFG for all palatal anesthesia. Palatal (roof of the mouth) anesthesia hurts like hell!! SO whether I am packing retraction cord, extracting a tooth, or doing laser recontouring of the palatal tissue, its all with Regular."

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Attention: Veterinarians

Trilostane, the latest therapy for Cushing's disease in canines, is available at Steven's Pharmacy. We have strengths ranging from 60mg to 240mg depending on the weight of your canine.

Daily dose:
60mg (Dogs 5 - 20kg)
120mg (Dogs 20 - 40kg)
120-240mg (Dogs > 40kg)

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